Awaken your creativity
Feeling stuck in repetitive yoga flows? Want to add more creativity to your teaching?
All you need is already inside - you just have to find the key to unlock your potential...
Maybe you´ve just found it!
This program is designed for yoga teachers and practitioners who already have some experience in yoga practice and are searching to dive deeper, learn new asanas, and ways to put them together in comprehensive and effective sequences.
  • 10 Full yoga classes
    "Oh my splits", "Open heart", "Moonlight Yin" and many more
  • 20 Workshops
    "Standing legs variations", "Hips", "Backbends", "Arm Balances", "Inversions", etc.
  • Transformative Sequence Method of creating your yoga flows
    Create effective sequences to grow in your asana practice and attract more students to your classes
  • Basics of Pranayama
    Learn to match pranayama with your class type
  • Basics of Meditation
    Guided meditation, body scan meditation, mantra meditation
  • 5 Elements
    Based on Ayurveda and Astrology - learn the essence of the 5 elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Ether) and bulid your classes based on it
  • Live group classes and workshops
    Guided yoga classes, lectures and workshops, practice teaching and personal feedback
  • One-on-one coaching session with Ekaterina
    Find clarity in your yoga practice/business/wellbeing
  • 3 Amazing master classes on yoga drills NEW!
    ¨"Transitions in your yoga practice", ¨"Creative elements for class sequencing", "Using props for level up class modifications"
  • Master class with the invited guest NEW!
    Gymnastic approach to the well-known yoga asanas
My yoga path has started with a traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore Style. This is a very rigid practice where you have to follow the method, walk the same asana path day by day before your progress to the next pose. I am grateful to have been on this path for over 10 years now. It gave me strength, knowledge, and a solid base.

Over the past few years, I felt a strong need to modify, get creative, and let my body express itself through yoga asana. That is how the Transformative Sequencing yoga method was born. I wanted to create a method to connect to my physical body, adapt to its cycles, embrace my emotions and mental states - to later on have them get transformed by the practice. I wanted to have more freedom in my movement and my practice. But even freedom needs some basic guidelines.

If you are searching for ways to add more freedom and variety to your yoga practice and teaching, if you need some inspiration and motivation in yoga asana, if you want to have a deeper understanding of how to build a solid yoga sequence - this course is perfect for you.
So don´t think twice and join us! Right now is the best moment to do so.
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How does it work
The course is 100% online, so you can go at your own pace
1 year access to online platform
Community chat and personal support throughout the course
Live group classes & personal feedback
Students reviews
Yoga teacher
The transformative sequencing training with Katy was an absolutely amazing experience. She is a kind and attentive tutor and an incredibly knowledgeable yoga teacher. The course is made at a very professional level with a lot of information and guidance. The lessons explain all the necessary details of each pose and Katy gives lots of helpful tips.
Added value give live zoom sessions throughout the course. All in all - I loved it and would recommend to anyone looking to enhance their yoga teaching practice. Thank you, Katy
Yoga practitioner
When I started the 50hr Transformative sequencing course I expected it to be about learning how to form a structured yoga class but it was much more than that. Ekaterina supports and encourages everyone to do their best on the level they are at and take their time getting poses right rather than rush in to it and cause injury. Ekaterina's sequencing flows are tailored in different ways which has shown me that you will never have a boring class, each one of her many flows are smartly put together and I've learned creative ways of putting poses together. I have become stronger, flexible and I have better mobility since doing this course with Ekaterina, she is very professional and is still helping me achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend doing this course whether you are starting a new fitness regime, a yoga student or you are already teaching yoga, you will love this course as much as I still do. Your course is incredible and worthwhile....Thank you Ekaterina
Yoga teacher
I took the course to help strengthen my personal practice as well as to help my students find progress. I found the course information to be very helpful for both, especially the way you broke down many of the more advanced poses! I'm not able to do everything myself yet, but I've definitely found it valuable to work through the steps now anyway. It helps my body explore and find its way to the right sensations for everything. Practice, and all is coming!
Yoga teacher
I really enjoyed the online course. I found it very useful and effective for me. I always felt engaged in the process as Katy followed each of the students and their individual needs being always available to answer any question, encouraging us to be on the go with study, and regularly doing practical classes online. After this course, I enriched my classes with so many exercises, their variations and I learned new ways to combine asanas creating my flows. I like Katy's style of teaching, it's a really beautiful and effective mix of traditional yoga and drills from gymnastics and other fitness disciplines that helps you to quickly reach your goals in practice. Together with Katy's methods, I got results in my practice that I even hadn't dreamt to do in a short time. I am very happy to have found a teacher like Katy and I feel enormous gratitude to her for having created her personal style of teaching and sharing it through her teacher training courses!
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