Transformative Yoga Teacher Training
5 - 6 November, Barcelona
Transformative method
Just as everything in nature has its cycle, so do we humans. Nothing in our bodies or lives is timeless. The only permanent matter is a constant

A deep understanding of this truth lies in the core of the Transformative yoga method that you are about to discover. The method is built around 5 principles

  • Balance your body
Understand your movement patterns and anatomy, adapt the practice to your body and lifestyle

  • Balance your breath
The healing process starts with the breath, pranayama is an essential part of the method

  • Balance your mind
When the body and breath transform, the mind follows. Stay open, trust the process

  • Cultivate beginners mind
Stay curious, keep your eyes open - nothing is fully right or wrong, keep changing your perspective.

  • Supportive community & routines
Creating results and long-lasting change is much easier when you are surrounded by like-minded people and cultivate healthy routines
    What will you learn
    This course is open for yoga teachers and experienced yoga practitioners
    Asana technique
    Review the main modalities of your asana practice
    • arm balances
    • backbends
    • hip openers
    • splits
    • inversions
    See what requires work, and receive personalized advice on how to proceed
    Learn new drills and skills
    • Mobility & flexibility drills
    • Backbending & shoulder opening techniques
    • Arm balancing
    • Core activation
    • Review how you sequence your own practice and the ones for your students.
    • Learn how to make your classes effective so you and your students progress.
    • Discover new ideas on class sequencing
    Pranayama & Meditation
    • Deep immersion in pranayama practice
    • Workshops on science-based approach to meditation
    • Meditation practice
    Sacred space to focus on yourself
    and your practice
    2 days that will transform you
    Photo by Jacob
    Photo by Mike
    Photo by Jacob
    Photo by Marion
    Photo by Jacob
    Photo by Leio
    Are you ready to transform? Join us!
    Join the in-person 20 hour group training in Barcelona on 5-6 of November 2022
    or request a private training
    Early Bird
    Available before October 10
    Group training in Barcelona
    • Training manual
    • Yoga mat to use during the course
    • Tea, coffee, drinking water
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